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Many men and women today do not yet realise that the condition of their hair and scalp is important if they want to maintain and reduce the risks of hair loss or thinning, this is where RejuvX hair products and shampoo can help.

It is estimated that a massive 8 million women alone are experiencing some degree of hair loss or thinning at any given time, and the majority of these do not know how to combat or turn for help. There is no shame from admitting you may have a problem, the reasons why you are suffering can also differ, genetics, stress, hormones, hair styling, medication, health or poor diet may all contribute to the overall wellbeing of your hair and scalp.

This is why RejuvX brings to the market a salon professional range of hair care products that have been designed to prevent and help any person, male or female, suffering from hair loss or thinning. The compact range include shampoo's, a conditioner, treatments and a booster, with the main aim of not adding harmful ingredients or processes that may effect the results. RejuvX hair products have been cold pressed with no added fragrances or colourings and contain specific extracts that remove DHT buildup and clear dormant follicles to allow for re-growth of the hair.

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What makes RejuvX different?

Whether you are young or old, have fine or thinning hair, are suffering from hair loss, Psoriasis, sensitive scalps or chemically damaged hair, RejuvX offers a professional range of quality hair products that deliver results everytime. The Rejuvx Hair Products are natural with no chemical side effects and work on ALL hair types offering more than just a hair loss system, they promote a healthy hair and scalp. Rejuvx was formulated by a British ex-salon chain owner, now chemist , Edward Horton. He continues his lifelong study to develop the system that actually nuorishes hairs growth and remarkably, slowing, or even stopping hair loss.

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